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Shailany Vizconde on June 9, 2016

Are You The Inbound Marketing Manager We're Looking For?

Over the years, we've never stopped making Brand Embassy a comfortable, fun, and stimulating hub for professionals. Our mindset is that we're not a company, we're a rapidly growing squad (talk about #SquadGoals!) sustained by friendships. Now, we're looking to hiring an Inbound Marketing Manager. Is it you we're looking for? 

Who we are

Brand Embassy was founded in Prague in 2011. We also have offices in London and San Francisco. Now, we cater to the world's top companies like T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telenor, GE Money, ING Bank and more. Our company is led by young entrepreneurs: Vit Horky as co-founder & CEO, Damian Brhel as co-founder & COO, and recently Terrence Valeski, the former Vice Chairman at T-Mobile.

What it's like working with us

When I say, ‘us’, I mean Brand Embassy, because WE ARE ONE.  We act as one team and actively support each other personally and professionally.

I’m Shai ("shy", well yes, I used to be), the Inbound Marketing Manager at Brand Embassy. Working for Brand Embassy has provided me with many opportunities to grow in my career and as a person. I was able to utilize my skills in the field of IT, creatives and marketing. I was also able to share my positivity with others. I wasn’t a very outspoken person, but with the encouragement of the team, I was able to bring out my "craziness" (I mean the best side of me).  

Through my experience here, I also faced my weaknesses and realized how I should continuously strive to improve in these areas. I greatly love and  enjoy working with our social customer service software, the marketing automation through HubSpot, website developments, and others. Our team works together to achieve our goals, to learn, and have fun!


Every day is a challenge. I take each day as an opportunity to grow, but the time has come for me to leave the company. I got an opportunity to study in a prominent marketing school abroad which I know will help me improve my skills and become one of the best marketing leaders of the future. So now,  we're looking for our next Inbound Marketing Manager with a proven track record to continue what I have started, to bring fresh ideas to the table and, together with the entire team, help grow Brand Embassy’s market and establish ourselves as a global leader in social customer service.

Your mission is to deliver a brilliant strategy that will convert website traffic into new leads. And, of course, you must thrive with the team, so you can huddle and brainstorm to continuously improve sales.

Some of the key skills we are looking for include:

  •       A real knack for social media marketing, SEO, and search engine marketing
  •       A strong background or exposure to B2B marketing
  •       Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  •       Familiarity with HubSpot (bonus, but not required)

We want someone who is open to change, candid, and flexible. This way, you can quickly adjust to the work environment. Plus, think of your work as an opportunity to meet new friends!

Do you see your future with us?

Brand Embassy is fertile ground for opportunities, not just career opportunities. We want to focus on your growth as a person and as a creative professional. As you carry on with these Inbound Marketing tasks, we're sure you'll feel fulfilled with your work.

  •       Create marketing strategies and set monthly and quarterly goals
  •       Take care of the company's website, from planning to development to maintenance
  •        Develop landing pages, run A/B testing and analysis
  •       Spice up our email marketing campaigns using HubSpot
  •       Show us your SEO expertise
  •       Maintain company's profiles across the web—including review and product listings
  •       Execute paid marketing campaigns using social media and AdWords
  •       Lastly, track, measure, and integrate the results!

Why you should join us

We like to have fun every now and then, so we can focus all our creative energy on the work we do. The more unique and eccentric (but effective!) these solutions are, the better.

That's why we want to work with an energetic person like you!

Here at Brand Embassy, we'll never limit your imagination. In fact, we'll help you enhance it. You can work when you want and where you're comfortable. And when you feel drained and in need of creative triggers? Take advantage of the unlimited holidays we give out to our team. Your productivity and passion is our priority, and we trust you to deliver.

If you're confident you can ace these tasks, we look forward to seeing you! The Brand Embassy squad is excited to learn, interact, and have fun with you. Join us now!

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