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Vit Horky on February 17, 2016

Are You Our New VP of US Sales?

Was there anything more mysterious, when you were a kid, than the chaffeurs holding signs with names at the airport? 

Who they were waiting for? What important individual was about to hop into an awesome limo and drive off to do cool, important work? 

Now I feel like like I'm the guy holding the sign. I'm looking for our new VP of US Sales and Business Development. I'm not sure what you'll look like, but I think we'll know each other when we meet. 

Allow me to introduce myself

I'm Vit Horky, the CEO and co-founder of Brand Embassy. We've created an omnichannel customer excellence platform that enables enterprise service businesses to build and retain their customer base through optimizing human connections.

Our company was founded in Prague in 2012, and also has offices in London and San Francisco. After a record-breaking 2015, which included growing our client base by 200%, launching an awesome new platform, and adding 20 people to our team, Brand Embassy is officially committing to our North American expansion by hiring a VP of US Sales and Business Development. This exceptional individual will be based in the US and passionate about helping us bring our customer excellence platform to an exciting new market. 

Joining our remarkable team of eight sales experts, the VP of US Sales and Business Development will be Brand Embassy's first dedicated sales person in the US. His or her responsibility will be to identify American business opportunities and to guide them from initial contact to signed contract. Sound exciting? Read on!

You won't be alone

The VP will be supported by a highly skilled team. This includes a BI analyst, sales development experts and fellow commercial managers based in Europe. You'll also have the active support of myself, Brand Embassy's San Francisco-based CEO, and by Brand Embassy’s marketing and client service teams. 

Delivering high sales targets will be your bread and butter. Your experience, market knowledge, intuition and passion should help make Brand Embassy successful in the US. With your help, 2016 is going to be an incredible year

What Brand Embassy does

Brand Embassy helps enterprise service companies build and retain their customer base by providing a customer excellence platform that optimizes customer experiences through matchmaking. Customer requests from social media, live chat, email, community forums and blogs are routed to the most relevant customer service agent, while contextual CRM profiles empower agents to exceed customer expectations.

Industry leaders like T-Mobile, GE Money, Samsung and Lenovo use Brand Embassy to efficiently and effectively solve customer problems and turn every digital interaction into a relationship building opportunity. This approach to customer service results in stronger customer loyalty, increased word-of-mouth and happier people on both sides of the exchange.

We enable our clients to deliver unforgettable customer experiences on any digital channel.

Who you are

First of all, you're an awesome person and we're all excited to work with you! But, let's be more specific, shall we?

  • You have worked in a tech startup, where you led sales operations from the early stage to the growth stage of the company, or...
  • You have led the sales team in an established tech company and kept your natural passion for agile management and professional independence, or...
  • You have been a founder of a tech startup, where your responsibilities included sales and business development, or...
  • You are none of above, but you are confident you will do an amazing job!


Well, I'm really looking forward to meeting you. The funny thing is, when I finally got a chance to be the person getting picked up at the airport, I realized it's not so mysterious after all. Some matches are just meant to happen. If you're the person I've been waiting for, or if you have any questions, drop me a line at

All the best,


Co-founder & CEO
Brand Embassy Inc.


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