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Stephan Delbos on February 26, 2016

What Facebook Reactions Mean for Digital Customer Service

Just when you thought it was safe to use Facebook, the social network has introduced an interesting new functionality, rolling out a group of emoticons called "reactions" that give users the chance to register a wider range of reactions to posts, where "liking" was previously the only option.

We here at Brand Embassy are excited about the new possibilities these emoticons bring to customers communicating with brands on Facebook. We see three advantages of Facebook’s reactions for digital customer service:

1. Customers can be more authentic in their reactions, which helps develop deeper relationships with brands.

2. Brands can learn more about their customers by studying a wider range of emotional reactions to different posts.

3. Online interactions become more like the real world, with fewer limits on communication.

We’ve mentioned before how Facebook’s recent developments could have a significant effect on the way brands do business online. Facebook messenger for business is one example that’s clearly an advantage for anyone connecting to their customers over the social network. But the new emoticons are even more exciting from the perspective of digital customer care.

From love to laughter, surprise to anger, customers now have more ways than ever to instantly tell brands how they feel.

Why customers are getting emotional

Facebook’s new emoticons are an interesting challenge for customer service because now there’s simply a wider range of emotions for brands to take into account. That means digital customer service agents must be more sensitive to the personal emotions that make each reaction unique. More emotions mean more challenges, but that’s also an opportunity to know your customers better, now that they don’t have to fit their opinions into the narrow framework of liking or not liking.

It’s significant that Facebook has introduced these emoticons now, when there’s a universal shift toward taking customers’ emotions into account. More brands than ever are competing by utilizing the customer’s feelings when developing customer experience.

Brand Embassy is at the forefront of this movement, pioneering unique matchmaking capabilities that allow you to know more about your customer and therefore to match them with the best possible care agent. Facebook’s new emoticons are in line with this trend, allowing customers a greater range of spontaneous reactions, which makes online interactions more like those in the real world.

We love Facebook’s new emoticons because they’re good for customers, and we’re happy to implement them into our customer excellence platform as soon as Facebook makes it is available for third parties. To learn more about how Brand Embassy can improve your brand’s relationships with customers, sign up for a free demo today or take a look at our website. 

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