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"I realised that the CRM and notes helped us improve response time by moving us closer to the solution. The main benefit of Brand Embassy is a user friendly reporting tool which makes it very easy for me to monitor customer satisfaction."
- Vojin Jaukovic, Contact Centre Director at Serbia Broadband
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"We use Brand Embassy to monitor
the company's reputation and identify
the topics that people are talking about. The call centre then uses the same tool respond to customers on social media."
- Romana Nydrle, Head of Communication at Metro CC CZ
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"Thanks to Brand Embassy we have everything in one system – from customer responses to our own notes and statistics therefore we have more time to take care of our customers."
- Ondrej Ullmann, Social Networks Specialist at Vodafone
"Brand Embassy connects all our social channels into one space with efficient team collaboration and good workflow for providing fast answers. Flexibility with customization is also a great benefit."
- Dusan Simonovic, Social Media Specialist at O2 CZ
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"Being the only bank that people like
- that is not just our slogan but also a goal we are achieving. We are able to do this thanks to the passion of our team
and Brand Embassy."
- Petra Jeleckova, Social Media Manager at Air Bank CZ
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"Brand Embassy helps us primarily by raising the effectiveness of our team and our online specialists taking care of social media and discussion forums."
- Ivo Marecek, Social Media Guy at T-Mobile
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