Awesome customer service tool
for social media

Red Herring awarded Social Media Customer Care
software used by GE, Telefonica O2, Vodafone,
and over 50+ customer-centric companies.
No credit card details needed. When it's free, it's free.

"Thanks to Brand Embassy we have everything in one system -
from customer responses to our own notes and statistics
therefore we have more time to take care of our customers."

-Ondrej Ullmann, Social Networks Specialist at Vodafone

Provide awesome social media customer service

Brand Embassy makes life easier for both marketing and customer service teams
by collaborating and focusing on its core expertise.

Faster responses, increased efficiency

Our Intelligent Workflow ensures effective collaboration between your Marketing, PR and Customer Service teams. Any agent can provide a relevant response to a customer, thanks to CRM notes and history. You’ll respond faster and more efficiently.

Easy to start and use

With its simple and truly user-friendly interface, Brand Embassy is easy to step into. Getting started is a question of minutes, not hours. We’ll set up your account and provide very friendly technical support, all you need is an internet connection and the desire to care more for your customers.

10x Essential Care Features

Keep costs while solving more social customer service cases, decrease resolution times
and manage your reputation with Brand Embassy.


  • Respond and comment on the major social networks from
    a single united interface

  • Automate routing and post prioritization based on topic,
    influence, language, and source

  • Customer segmenting
    and sentiment tracking in Social CRM

  • Team collaboration with approval process

  • Track response and solution time

  • Integrate discussion & blog monitoring

  • E-mail customer service browsers integration

  • User-specific efficiency reports

  • Customized alerts and exports

  • Always accessible from anywhere - SaaS solution
    optimized for secure access from major internet browsers

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Over 50 clients have fallen in love with us

Once you give it a try, you won't want to go back

"Brand Embassy helps us primarily by raising the effectiveness of our team and our online specialists taking care of social media and discussion forums."

-Ivo Marecek, Social Media Guy at T-Mobile

"Brand Embassy provides us with an easy interface for O2 Guru team’s work. We also appreciate the flexible customization according to our requirements."

-Alena Oswaldova, Online Marketing Specialist at Telefonica O2

"We use Brand Embassy to monitor the the company's reputation and identify the topics that people are talking about. The call centre then uses the same tool respond to customers on social media."

-Romana Nydrle, Head of Communication, Metro CC CZ

"Being the only bank that people like - that is not just our slogan but also a goal we are achieving. We are able to do this thanks to the passion of our team and Brand Embassy."

-Petra Jeleckova, Social Media Manager, Air Bank CZ