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Brand Embassy helps brands to show that they care about their customers.
It provides an easy-to-use customer service tool for identification and engagement of dissatisfied and influential customers and measuring consumer satisfaction. Founded by customers, chosen by Telefonica O2, Diageo, Johnson & Johnson and other customer-empowering market leaders.

Brand Embassy was born from the problem that it was built to solve. After experiencing a problem with a brand that could have been solved in minutes online Vit Horky was instead spending time calling the brand to solve his problem only to be on hold for hours, his emails went ignored and the store was really just too far to return to.

It was too late for the brand to repair the damage already done, Vit had switched brands and had already expressed his negative opinion about them. It was then that Brand Embassy first became an idea, there needed to be a way to reduce the barriers between brands and their customers. “Brand Embassy is a customer service tool that turns every social website into a customer touch point.” says Vit Horky, the co-founder and managing director of Brand Embassy. “Brands are losing their customers everyday and do not respond to them when a problem arises. That’s a mistake that we help brands to avoid.”

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