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Live chat is the fastest, most direct way for customers to get what they need without interrupting their digital experience. Brand Embassy’s live chat is designed for an intuitive user experience that makes service simple, to the point and fast for both agents and customers.

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Instant Customer Service with Live Chat

Web Based Live Chat Brand Embassy

Chat is fully integrated into the user experience of your website. A small tab (white label available) lets users know if agents are online and ready to accept chats. Never force customers off your website again when all they need is help.

Intelligent Routing Brand Embassy
Intelligent Routing

Our technology measures each agents’ workload in real-time and routes live chat requests to the best possible team member. This ensures top productivity for agents (simultaneous chat sessions) while avoiding absolute overload and idle chat windows.

Chat CRM Brand Embassy

When customers provide an email address to initiate chat (optional requirement) CRM data is displayed for the agent to get a better understanding of the customer’s needs. Agents can see past issues, points of contact and customer sentiment.

Insight Report Brand Embassy
Insight Reports

Track the conversation with automated tagging and get actionable insights to inform business decisions. Analyze topic relationships and sentiment to get the big picture of how your brand is perceived and discussed in chat communications.

Multi channel CRM Brand Embassy

Shift the conversation from live chat to email or social media to live chat - whatever experience the customer wants, our technology can deliver. Don’t waste time searching for their last point of contact or CRM data, it’s all right there in Brand Embassy.

Real Time Collaboration CRM
Team collaboration

Agents can involve each other on a single chat without interrupting the user experience. Internally delegate a live chat session to a colleague in real-time without ever closing the chat window. Issues are resolved faster and customers don’t get cut off in the transfer.

Customer Live Chat User Experience

A small “Chat Online” tab will let customers know there’s someone to help. One click and they’re connected directly to the most relevant agent who’s ready to resolve their request in real-time.

Customers are connected with an agent in real-time directly from your website.



Customer live chat for website

If a customer reaches the website after business hours, they will see a “Chat Offline” tab and still have the option to send an email - all this without ever leaving your website.

 Don’t make customers leave your website to ask for help.


live chat for website

Agent Live Chat User Experience

live chat for website

Chat is directly integrated into the agent’s dashboard along with other service channels. Our technology measures productivity in real-time so that no single agent gets overwhelmed by too many requests.

 Agents provide multi-channel support without work overload.


live chat for website

Agents simply click “not accepting chats” and requests are routed to the next best agent.  No idle chats, no SLA damage, no angry customers waiting for a response that will never come.

Live chat requests are never sent to an unavailable agent.



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