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Seek help in online discussions. The bank was slow to respond. The recent study by Brand Embassy reveals that the recent NatWest online banking outage has had a devastating impact on customer satisfaction across all UK banks.

Vit Horky - 02 JULY 2012
Natwest Customers

Complaints on Twitter also affected Barclays, RBS and HSBC making Halifax the bank with the highest Customer Satisfaction Score for the first time in 3 months.


Download the Full Report Here (PDF 523 kB)

The findings in a survey of all mentions of the selected retail banks in the UK in conversations on Twitter and online discussions between June 11 – 24, 2012  pointed out that 52% customers mentioning banks seek help or advice in traditional discussion forums, mostly on 95% of complaints were published on Twitter.


UK Banks - Reasons of mentioning banks in Social media and Online discussions


It took RBS, the owner of NatWest, too long to respond on social media, enabling customers online to propagate and discuss rumours on reasons for the outage, which decreased number of satisfied customers by 13%.

The daily average number of posts mentioning brands increased from 5,000 to over 12,000 during last month. The negative sentiment increased significantly mostly because of customers’ unease with RBS and NatWest’s technical problems.


Customers mainly ask for help / advice on various discussion forums, less so on Twitter.


Customers switched from traditional media to online discussions when affected by service outages. “Banks need to listen to their online customers everyday and be prepared to help them immediately to avoid devastating impacts on brand affinity”, concluded Vit Horky, CEO of Brand Embassy.


The unease of customers was growing throughout the whole banking industry after NatWest’s technical problems occurred.


Brand Embassy is a next-level social care tool – it helps companies to identify and easily engage dissatisfied customers across the online discussions and social media.