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I’ve sent you a private message…

Vit Horky - 06 NOVEMBER 2012
I’ve sent you a private message…

We've been looking forward to bringing you this feature for a while! Now you can send and receive private messages from your customers from within your Brand Embassy Dashboard expanding the types of customer problems your ambassadors can help with..

It’s important to be able to have a private discussion sometimes with a customer on social media. Brand Ambassadors that require sensitive information from their customers in order to help them with their request know this very well. This is particularly true for telco operators, banks, airlines and so on when private information is required to help or confirm the identity of the customer they are trying to help, asking you customer to post this information publicly in order to help them places customers at risk.

Today we released an update that we are very excited about, using Brand Embassy Brand Ambassadors can now send and receive private message from their customers on both Facebook and Twitter.


Activating Direct Messages

Before you can get started activating direct messages for Facebook and Twitter make sure that you have linked your social media accounts to Brand Embassy.

Once you have done that, head over to your account settings, the new section Direct Messages is where you will change the permissions for the social media pages you, or someone in your team is an administrator for. Only page admins are able to change these settings.

Activate Direct Message for Brand Pages you are the Admin for
Under “Account Settings” head to “Direct Messages” and activate any pages you wish to send and receive direct messages for.


Once direct messages have been activated for your pages, direct messages will begin importing to your Brand Embassy listening Dashboard. New messages will be received and can be sent from here too.

Direct messages have their own tab in your Listening Dashboard
Direct messages have their own tab in your Listening Dashboard

We care.

Matt Butler
Product Manager at Brand Embassy Ltd.
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