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Step-by-Step Guide: How To add Facebook and Twitter to your Social Care

Vit Horky - 06 SEPTEMBER 2012
Step-by-Step Guide: How To add Facebook and Twitter to your Social Care

Adding Facebook and Twitter social media profiles to your Brand Embassy account brings a rich social experience to social customer service. This is  brief Step-by-Step guide to help you get started. 

Connecting your social media accounts to Brand Embassy allows you to do so much more when you engage with your customers. We handle all your social profiles so that responding to different customers from across different accounts is easier and faster than logging in and out of your profiles all day! Responding to customers is also made much faster as for each site you add to your profile you don’t need to use the plugin to reply to customers there any more! Just click on the customer, enter your reply and we’ll get the message to them and save it all to your report.

Step One

From anywhere within Brand Embassy, navigate to ‘Account Settings’ from the ‘Settings’ menu and head to ‘Social Accounts’.

Select “Account Settings” and navigate to ”Social accounts” to be able to select your Facebook or Twitter accounts

Step Two

Connect your account to either Facebook, Twitter or Both! You will have to accept the Brand Embassy App’s permissions in order to connect your profiles.

Select Social Media Account
Now Select which social account you would like to add. If this is your first time adding a social account you will have to accept the app permissions on either Facebook or Twitter

Step Three

Select with pages from Facebook or Twitter you would like to grant access to within Brand Embassy.

Select which Pages to Import
Here we are selecting which social media pages from Facebook we want to add to Brand Embassy. When you are done select “Finish Importing” to connect them


Step Four

Distribute your imported account permissions to your ambassadors.

Adding pages to other users
Add your selected social accounts to users profiles to give them access to features such as post scheduling

Step Five

Remove unwanted or expired permisssions.

Removing Account Permissions
You can revoke a users access to a social account simply by removing the page from their account in the settings page


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