Smarter Social Listening

Brand Embassy’s listening technology monitors over 80 million forums and blogs in 27 languages and uses auto tagging and prioritization to deliver only the most relevant content to the right teams. Keyword-based insights reports identify trends and relationships to support data-driven decisions.

Our social listening tool is used by customer service agents to provide proactive care to customers on the verge of switching brands, marketing managers to evaluate campaign sentiment and PR managers to identify industry trends.

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Be Part of the Online Discussion

Keyword Based Monitoring Tool
Keyword-based monitoring

We monitor over 80,000,000 discussion forums and blogs and use keyword-based monitoring to deliver only the most relevant conversations about your company, competitors and industry.

Automated Prioritization CRM
Automated prioritization

Incoming conversations are automatically tagged using keyword clusters that convert an otherwise uncontextualized stream into actionable insights. Triage data to find the most urgent conversations.

Insight Report Brand Embassy
Insights reports

Analyze topic relationships and sentiment to get the big picture of how your brand is discussed online. Insights reports do more than deliver raw numbers, they identify relationships and trends.

Email Notification Brand Embassy
Email notifications

Never miss an important brand mention or influential forum discussion. Define business rules (if this, plus this, then that) and get email notifications to alert you of the next big thing.

Localized Content Brand Embassy
Localized content

Localize content for an additional level of brand relevance. Monitor and sort content written in 27 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin and Arabic.

Proactive Engagement Brand Embassy
Proactive engagement

Customers don’t always expect a response on forums and blogs, at least not yet. Be proactive in your customer engagement and reach out to customers on the verge of switching to a competitor.

Data-driven Strategy

Customers are telling you what they think about your company and products every single day on forums and blogs. But a bunch of conversations without context or priority just equate to frustrating noise.

Brand Embassy delivers only the most relevant conversation - with context -  and connects the dots to turn noise into a strategy roadmap.


Data Driven Brand Embassy CRM
Insight Volume Brand Embassy CRM

Benchmark Performance

Forums and blogs are great places to compare options and get advice from fellow customers. Benchmark your performance against competitors with brand sentiment, conversation volume and popular topics. Use this data to identify company strengths and highlight areas for improvement.   



Identify Trends

Identify important trends before your competitors do by listening to the continuous conversation happening around your industry and brand. Measure topic volumes and sentiment over time and use this information to inform big picture decisions.

Track sentiment of online communications and run topic specific reports to identify strengths and weaknesses in your strategy.

Insight Sentiment Brand Embassy CRM
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