Senior JavaScript Developer

You will develop new features and innovations for our global SaaS platform to make it even more awesome. #facebook-react #flux #ES6 #unitTests, #performance #sockets #Immutable.js.

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Job Location: Prague, Czech Republic


  • You are an experienced software developer with a perfect knowledge of JavaScript.
  • You want to create beautiful software that does not suck.
  • You are interested in functional programming.
  • You have experience writing code for mid-size or large applications.
  • You have solid written English skills and are able to easily work with English speaking co-workers.
  • You are systematic and analytical; your “6th sense” is common sense
  • Ideally, you have experience with React.js, Angular, Ember.js, Google Closure or any other framework.
  • Do you see a future with us?


  • You will work with cool technologies such as React, Immutable.js, ES6, and Flux architecture.
  • You will write beautiful and fast JavaScript code that you are proud of, in a timely and scalable way according to defined code quality, conventions, and performance standards.
  • Your challenge will be to participate in the development of our global SaaS platform, which focuses on perfect and beautiful UX.
  • You want to have enough time to fine-tune your code.
  • You want to play with new technologies which innovate and improve our platform
  • You’re passionate about having awesome co-workers. #JoinUs.

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  • We learn every day

    We are not divided by titles, departments or seniority. We act as one team and actively support each other both personally and professionally.

  • We play fair

    We believe in the power of transparency and are free to act on our own best judgement. Our everyday actions speak just as loud as our words.

  • We are one

    We are inspired by others and seek knowledge from many sources. We do not shy away from taking risks and learning new things.

  • We love what we do

    We create a fun, positive atmosphere because we love what we do and have fun doing it. We are driven to create beautiful things and always find a reason to celebrate.

Perks and benefits

  • International team We’re a diverse team of weird like-minded individuals from around the world.

  • Flexible work time We’re not watching the clock! Set your own work hours according to your needs.

  • Unlimited holiday Your productivity is your responsibility. Take as much time off as you like!

  • Stock option plan The company’s value increased 300% last year. You’ll have a stake.

  • Good times We like to cut loose too, often drinking champagne to celebrate successes.


“As part of T-Mobile's brand differentiation strategy, Brand Embassy was deployed to improve customer experience on social media.”

Chris Habel

Online Self-Service and Social Media


"It’s not enough to be providers of telco services. That means using Brand Embassy to go digital and be where our customers are every day.”

Veljko Petrovic

Former Business Contact Center Manager


“Brand Embassy connects all our social channels into one space with efficient team collaboration and good workflow for providing fast answers.“

Dusan Simonovic

Social Media Specialist