Brand Embassy is lead by experienced and passionate professionals with global reach and backed by leading VCs and industry experts.


Vit Horky, co-founder and CEO

Vit Horky is the co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy, a Top-Rated customer service platform with customers in 30+ countries. Vit gained BSc. (Hons.) at the University of Teeside (UK) before he dropped out of college to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. Previously, Vit founded a leading European digital marketing agency (successfully exited) and a software distribution company (failed with style). He is also a founding member of the Future Care Today initiative.

Core Topics: Customer Service in the Digital Age - Global Startup Community - Leadership - Innovation - Investor Relations


Damian Brhel, co-founder and COO, acting CTO

Damian is the co-founder and COO of Brand Embassy, as well as acting CTO, responsible for designing and implementing the company’s strategy, and ensuring the company meets both performance and growth goals. Damian coded his first program at the age of 15, and since then has developed and led teams responsible for the production of 100’s of mid and large-sized projects. Damian also served as Technical Director for Inspiro Solutions, a digital solutions agency, which he successfully exited together with Brand Embassy CEO, Vit Horky.

Core Topics: SW Project Management - Team Building & Leading -  Application Design - Rapid Application Development - Customer Service - Social Media Monitoring


Marian Jazbec, Managing Director Professional Business Services

Marian is the former Customer Service Transformation Director of Orange Europe, and a member of the Management Committee for Orange Slovakia, responsible for driving the company’s digital transformation across the region. At Brand Embassy, Marian heads up the company’s Professional Business Services division, helping clients balance customer satisfaction with revenue-generating activities via service-to-sales opportunities.

Core Topics: Digital Transformation - Consulting - Channel & Revenue Optimization - Integrations - Soft and Hard Skills Training

Iva Rolederova, Chief Happiness Officer

Iva is a psychologist, experienced HR manager, social animal and practising „mind opener“. Fascinated by systemic therapy and constructivist approach to life, she gives the position of Chief Happiness Officer meaning and content, exceeding the obligatory fun activities in the office and arranging relax zone. Iva is happy when she is in flow, successfuly finishes something, when she eats good Italian food and when she can help people around her feel empowered and in charge of their life journey.

Core Topics: Psychology - Happiness - Training - Goal-oriented Leadership - HR - Systemic Therapy

marco bottaro.jpg

Marco Bottaro, Head of Product

Marco is a Product Management professional with a keen interest in mobile technologies. Substantial experience developing products in the B2C and B2B online space within the internet, retail and marketing industries. Hands-on product community builder, developing cross-functional teams in geographically dispersed organizations and rallying internal support around new product initiatives. Skilled at orchestrating the business and product development lifecycle from concept to launch, while not losing sight of the big picture.

Core Topics: Product Management - Product/Market Analysis - Business/Tech Engagement - Functional Design - Product Prototyping and Testing

radomila kralova.jpg

Radomila Kralova, VP Customer Success

As VP of Customer Success at Brand Embassy, Radomila oversees all Customer Success Managers and Heroes, to ensure that customers reach their intended business goals in an efficient and satisfactory manner. Radomila is also in charge of maximizing the product value with customers, which includes proactive training, onboarding and ongoing consulting. In her words, "clients don't have to reach out for help, we're already there'.


Core Topics: Consulting - Customer Success - Team Management - Product Value - Training

Jan Prerovsky.jpg

Jan Přerovský, Chief Revenue Officer, Board Member

As Chief Revenue Officer, Jan is responsible for building a world-class sales organization that will deliver $100M in annual revenues by 2021. Jan also sits on the Brand Embassy Board, where he focuses on the fulfillmennt of the company's vision, global business development and customer success.

Core Topics: Strategy - Business Strategy - Enterprise Software - Leadership - Start-ups - Managemnet Consulting

garrison macri.jpg

Garrison Macri

Garrison is a senior Technology Sales and Marketing Executive with an emphasis in Mobile, Cloud and Saas solutions, with a proven Success in executing market share growth, re-branding and re-positioning programs that drive shareholder value. Garrison is based out of Boston, USA.

Core Topics: SaaS Sales - Go-to-market Strategy - Telecommunications - Mobile Technology - Product Management - Professional Services - Solution Selling