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Brand Embassy launches Advanced Reporting Suite and Custom Dashboards

Brand Embassy launches Advanced Reporting Suite and Custom Dashboards

Digital customer service platform, Brand Embassy, has launched an Advanced Reporting suite and Custom Dashboards tool, empowering customer service executives to fundamentally improve performance via custom dashboards.

This new feature release comes on the back of series of major steps forward by the company to address the growing needs of Enterprises and high-growth companies for digital customer service. Brand Embassy’s new Reporting Suite & Custom Dashboards enable Enterprises and high-growth companies to optimise the efficiency of their digital service teams, enabling:

  1. Better connectivity between departments, such as customer care, sales, marketing and PR
  2. Improved internal processes leading to a better understanding of the business
  3. Increased focus and awareness of senior management, resulting in senior-level buy-in
  4. Better articulation of the customer service strategy and proof of ROI.

“Customer Service managers need to have control over costs and performance, however contact center tools lack unified customizable reports. That’s where we come in,” states Vit Horky, Brand Embassy Co-founder & CEO. “Brand Embassy advanced reporting is built to give customers the flexibility and autonomy to build a suite of widget-based reports to power data-driven decisions. Our customers can track and measure business goals, whether optimising workflows, deep-diving on a specific incident, channel-planning, real-time queue optimisation, or identifying new business opportunities for cross- and up-selling.”

The Reporting Suite is built around individual and groups of widgets, which give customers the flexibility to create custom dashboards perfectly suited to their needs. There are thousands of reporting combinations available, with new widgets added monthly.

Horky continues: “Each widget can be filtered individually and data ranges can be selected, such as specific channels, agents or time frame, per customer needs. Based on our extensive experience working with Enterprises and SMEs, we also offer pre-built reporting templates which showcase the most popular metrics and reporting date ranges.”

The new Reporting Suite launches with more than 30 built-in widgets, covering all primary reporting metrics:

  • General widgets – used to provide at-a-glance status reports on inbound & outbound volumes, and open and resolved cases.
  • KPI widgets – keeping track of key performance indicators such as FRT and overall Response Times.
  • Real-time status of queues - know exactly how many customers have been assigned to agents and how many are still waiting to be assigned.
  • Workforce optimization – data on total volumes and open cases, enabling managers to make data-driven decisions on workflow optimization and general agent performance
  • Channel widgets – keep track of activity and volumes on specific channels, and prioritize agent support accordingly
  • Agent widgets – monitor the performance of a team of agents, or individuals and deliver structured, constructive feedback.
  • Response widgets  – get a clear overview on the number of agent responses per case, as well as how customers interact with agents on specific cases
  • Tags widgets – understand which topics are generating the highest number of interactions, and on which channels are customers engaging most on those tags
  • Special widgets – additional insights such as assign time can help you to structure your teams and technology better to increase business results.

Brand Embassy’s Reporting suite is fully integrated into the Brand Embassy engagement software, allowing for seamless measurement and tracking of multiple channels from within a single tool. As companies progress through digital transformation and consolidate reports across company, a tool with such varied and flexible use allows any number of reporting conditions, as well as the opportunity to deep-dive into specific elements of cost or performance.

The Advanced Reporting Suite rolls out immediately to all existing clients of Brand Embassy in more than 30 countries worldwide, and will be available to new customers in the second half of November.  It is available in free and premium versions. To learn more about pricing and request a demo, visit