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Brand Embassy launches first fully-integrated Live Chat and Social Customer Service Tool

Brand Embassy launches first fully-integrated Live Chat and Social Customer Service Tool

Digital Customer Service platform, Brand Embassy, today launches a fully-integrated Live Chat solution, featuring Proactive Live Chat, Service-to-Sales, Advanced Feature Settings, Customer Message Previews and secure communication including automated Credit Card masking.

Brand Embassy is the first Enterprise-level Digital Customer Service platform with social media customer service and Live Chat integrated in one platform, enabling 100% agent utilization across multiple digital channels.

“More than 44% of online customers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer, with 38% saying they had made a purchase due to a chat session. However to date only 3% of websites have a Live Chat solution,” stated Vit Horky, Brand Embassy co-Founder and CEO. “On top of that, evidence shows that Live Chat is four-times more cost effective than traditional channels such as email and voice.”

New features in the Live Chat product release include:

  • Proactive Live Chat - launch a proactive instance of Live Chat to customers based on defined triggers. Particularly useful for completing potential cart abandons or up- and cross-selling.
  • Transferring to Live Chat – within the Brand Embassy workflow, an agent can generate a link that is sent to a customer to enable them to open a stand-alone chat session within the customer’s browser.
  • Customer Message Previews – the agent can see a preview of the customer’s text prior to sending, allowing the agent to prepare a faster and more accurate response.
  • Secure communication and credit card masking - all communication is encrypted while transferring between customer and agents and credit card details are automatically masked.

“Our new Live Chat product has been built on web -sockets technology that gives customers the flexibility to scale quickly,” states Damian Brhel, Brand Embassy co-Founder and CTO. “Live Chat is seamlessly integrated into the Brand Embassy workflow, which means there is little-to-no re-training required, and clients can get up and running with Live Chat in hours with minimum involvement from IT departments.”

Available today to customers in 30 countries and multiple languages, the Live Chat product is available within the Brand Embassy platform, with pricing optimized for both Enterprise (250+ employees) and SME companies (up to 250 employees). To learn more and request a demo, visit