Transform social media into customer service

Social media isn’t just about marketing. It’s about customer service. Deliver a simple, personalized experience in real-time with social customer service software built to scale.

Social customer service channels

Route tickets to the best possible agent

Customer requests from social media and website forms are automatically ticketed and assigned to the most relevant customer service agent based on intelligent routing rules.

1. Routing

  • Customers directly contact or mention your company on social media.

  • All posts are synced in real-time with Brand Embassy.

  • Each request is transformed into a ticket and automatically routed.

  • Is the post urgent? If so, an email alert will be sent.

  • Intelligent routing assigns tickets based on smart rules:

    • Relationships

    • Keywords and topics

    • Language

    • Availability

2. Engage

  • The assigned agent checks the integrated customer profile.

  • Agent sends personalized response to the customer.

  • Did the customer respond? The ticket is routed back to the original agent.

  • Nice work! Take a sip of coffee!

  • Move on to the next ticket.

3. Report

  • Workflow and Efficiency Reports

  • KPI Reports

  • Insights Reports

  • Resource Planning Reports

Instantly know your customer

Integrated customer profiles help agents create unforgettable experiences relevant to each customer. Increase first contact resolution and create human connections at scale.

  • Customer history

    Did Enrique recently contact you? How was his last experience? Get a quick overview of the customer to understand immediate and long-term needs.

  • Human connections

    Empathy is felt through understanding the feelings of others. Customer profiles help agents associate a written request with an actual human need and an individual person.

Collaborate across teams

Scale service operations with technology that enables large teams to effectively work together in an organic way.

Your agents have so much customer knowledge stored in their brains.

Agents share this knowledge to make each customer profile rich with data.

Easily access this data in real-time to personalize the experience.


Leave internal notes on specific tickets or customer profiles to enable effective shift work among teams. Or, just drop your co-worker a love note.

Approval Process

Seek or require approval from team leaders before responding. Great for new team members and sensitive topics.

Expert teams

Create teams based on areas of expertise or channels. Benchmark team performance and incentivise KPIs.

Automate processes to increase efficiency

Brand Embassy automates the right parts of the customer service experience
enabling agents to focus on delivering a human touch.

  • Auto Tags

    Auto tag common customer service topics like “outage” or “cancel” to automatically route and suggest action to agents

  • Navigation

    Conversations grow organically on social media. Navigation automatically guides agents through a complex, customer service ticket with real-time updates to speed along and organize the process.

  • Smart Responses

    Replies based on recent activity or keywords are suggested by Brand Embassy. Customize and publish to move quickly through the queue.

Monitor and measure

Insight reports help managers understand trending conversations about your company, competitors and any keywords you choose to monitor.

  • Conversation topics

    See which topics are most discussed across social media, including competitor profiles. Breakdown customer requests and mentions to better understand trends.

  • Customer sentiment

    Measure and analyze customer sentiment overtime to identify areas of improvement with each interaction.

  • Conversation volume

    Benchmark brand and competitor mentions to understand your share of voice on social media and measure the impact of social customer service.

Increase agent utility

Workflow reports analyze the day-to-day performance of your teams and individual customer service agents. Ensure SLAs are met and KPIs achieved.


Three KPI wheels measure response times, resolution times, and customer journey (average conversation length).

Agent KPI

Measure the performance of individual agents and compare to defined Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Team Overview

Keep a real-time overview of team performance and capacity by looking at the simple dashboard.


All conversations between customers and agents are stored and ready to be filtered, ranked, and compared. Exporting to XLS, CSV and PNG is available.


Track the specific activities of your agents to optimize workflows, enable greater skill-based efficiency and evaluate performance.

Feel secure

The security of your data and that of your customers is our top priority.
Brand Embassy has never had a security issue and we work hard to keep it that way.

Secure data center

The infrastructure that runs the Brand Embassy service and stores our user's data is located in the EU and maintained by Datapipe Inc. and Amazon We Services, Inc. Customer data is backed up on a regular basis.

Configurable security

You may run a number of applications and prefer to keep some data out of Brand Embassy. Although there is no need to do this, the final decision is up to you.

Continuous monitoring

Brand Embassy employs both internal and
third-party services to perform continuous security scanning on both our network and applications to ensure that our applications and servers remain secure.

Operational security

Brand Embassy deploys several security layers to eliminate human-factor risks.
Access logs are monitored and regularly inspected.


  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • IE 9+
  • Firefox


We have developed a unified bridge to easily and securely integrate Brand Embassy with almost any third-party system. Please contact our sales team for more detailed information.

Currently supported systems:

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