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Build it to your needs. No coding, no fuss.

Chatbot Builder is a fully integrated solution for companies that want to take care of their customers 24/7. Leave the most repetitive tasks to bots and let agents focus on the important stuff—delighting customers.

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Tony: Hey there! Do you have the pink socks everyone is talking about in stock?

Service Bot: Hi, Tony, we sure do! The nearest store is just a 10-minute walk from you. Do you need	directions? - Yes / No

Why have a Chatbot?

Cut Costs

Deflect customers who have routine requests from more expensive live agent support through self-service and save up to 60% of your support costs

Save Time

No one likes waiting. Chatbots are always available, they’re instantaneous, and they significantly improve first response and resolution time

Communicate Better

(And with more humor)

Expand self-service to new channels, including mobile apps, social media, and mobile messaging

Customize Experience

We can integrate your API into our Chatbot to get and validate information about your customers. Are they asking about their invoice being paid? No problem! The chatbot will find the answer in no time

Automate frequently asked questions based on keywords. “Network outage,” for example. The customer asks a question containing the keyword “outage.”

The system identifies the keyword and launches the pre-defined “outages” chatbot workflow, providing information about the outage and expected resolution time.

Deliver personalized content based on multiple quick answers which your chatbot will have memorized. Integrate your API and store that data in your CRM, or have the chatbot send you an email with the gathered data.

Set up a default Promotions workflow to push new products or services. The customer starts by selecting the option to display “Offers for me.” The chatbot shows the customers a gallery of products, with a Call to Action and a contact form to gather details.

The customer doesn’t pick any of the chatbot workflows, or is not satisfied with the chatbot’s answers, and requests to “talk with agent.” The conversation is seamlessly transferred to the best-suited agent within the Brand Embassy workflow.

The customer can select “Help & Support,” and be guided through a series of options (Billing vs. Guides vs. Troubleshoot, etc.), to find the correct information to help them solve their issue without the need for human intervention.

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What's in it for you

User Verification

This feature allows you to verify the customer in your system, for example by sending an SMS, to access personal information such as account balance, data usage, etc.


Teach your chatbot to recognize the customer’s intent and act accordingly. This feature is available in 32 languages.

Custom Fields

Say goodbye to manual form filling. Chatbot can automatically gather data in real time during the conversation with your customers and stores it in custom fields. Enhance your CRM with valuable inputs.

Enhanced Flow Map

Visualize your chatbot conversation structure in a nice and simple diagram with a drill down option.


Deliver personalized content based on user text input, which your chatbot will validate and memorized.

Rich Content

We support rich content like carousels, buttons, photos and other files.

Handover from Agent to Chatbot

Chatbot can escalate the customer to an agent. The agent can also de-escalate back to chatbot for the specific tasks anytime during the conversation.



Chatbot Templates

You don't need to build your chatbot from scratch. We’ve prepared various templates to use, so you can start right away.

Response Sequences

Set up different responses based on the time that has passed since the last conversation with the customer.

Business Hours Awareness

Use business hours awareness for your agents to better handle the expectations of your customers in case they need to talk to a live agent. Or use awareness to deploy your chatbot only when agents are offline.

Satisfaction Survey / Reports

The satisfaction survey feature can be used for qualitative data about customer interactions with your chatbot. The reports in Brand Embassy will show quantitative metrics of the chatbot’s performance, just like for live agents.

Features we are currently working hard on

New Channels

Apple Business Chat, Twitter, Viber, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, Vkontakte

Wanna see how this all works?

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