Custom Reporting & Analytics

Make data-driven decisions that improves contact center efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

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Product Benefits

  • In-Depth Reporting

    View, customize and share in-depth reports on a wide variety of metrics, including team and ticket status, channel and agent performance.

  • Measuring KPIs and SLAs

    Measure and report on a specific set or group of KPIs and SLAs, and easily compare the evolution of performance over time. 

  • Make Data-Driven Decisions

    Tweak the Brand Embassy platform, intelligent routing and team structure in real-time based on easy-to-digest reporting data.

Use Case #1 - Analyze

Workflow reports analyze the day-to-day performance of your teams and individual customer service agents. Ensure SLAs are met and KPIs achieved.


Use Case #2 - Measure Performance

Get an up-to-date overview of the performance of your agents, teams of agents, and channels via performance reports, helping you to fine-tune intelligent routing and team structures in real-time.


Use Case #3 - Issues-tracking

Identify issues and assign resources to deal with it early on. Monitor potential workflow bottlenecks before they develop and prepare knowledge-base entries for potentially harmful questions.


Use Case #4 - One-click Management Reports

Generate management reports with the click of a button and export all data as necessary. Create public and private dashboards with view and read-only rights to share with managers and direct reports.



Custom Dashboards

Brand Embassy advanced reporting is built to give customers the flexibility and autonomy to build a suite of widget-based reports to power data-driven decisions.

With our advanced reporting suite, achieve your business goals, whether optimizing workflows, deep-diving on a specific incident, channel-planning, real time queue optimisation, and more:

  • Smart Filtering - Filter by date, channel, agent or tag
  • Sharing Preferences - Create public, private or shared dashboards
  • Drag & Drop Dashboard - Rearrange your dashboard on-the-fly to compare data
  • Interactive Graphs - Interact with graphs in real time



Brand Embassy Reporting is built on widgets, which gives customers the flexibility to create custom dashboards perfectly suited to their needs. There are thousands of reporting combinations available, and more widgets are regularly added to the reporting system:

  • Activities log - Isolate individual activities by agent, channel, tag and date.
  • Export - Export posts, comments and the activities log to .xls or .csv files
  • Real time queue status - See the exact number of posts waiting to be assigned

Reporting Widgets

  • General

    Provide at-a-glance status reports on inbound & outbound volumes, and open and resolved cases.

  • Agents

    Access a list of agents and their performance over time. See both the evolution and a break-down of agent activities.

  • Sentiment

    See the evolution of inbound and outbound sentiment over time and compare sentiment between channels during specific time frames.

  • Channels

    Analyze inbound and outbound channel volume, compare sentiment between channels and benchmark channel performance with various metrics.

  • Tags

    Track the evolution of tags over time, and compare volume of tags between channels.

  • Responses

    Access a break-down of number of respones by agent or customers in resolved cases to analyze the efficiency of agents in closing a case.

  • KPIs

    Show the average First Response Time and average Resolution Time over a specified time period, and access a breakdown of FRT for resolved cases.

  • Special

    See a break-down of cases from the time they are received until the time they are resolved. See the actual number of posts waiting to be assigned per particular team with Queue Status.

  • Workforce

    Monitor conversation volumes by day, week and hour and understand how best to optmize your agent teams.

Learn about our Social Customer Service tool

Deliver a personalized experience with social customer service software built-to-scale:

  • Built-in CRM enabling message personalization
  • Creation of expert Teams
  • Real-time updating of Intelligent Workflow
  • Scale effortlessly

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