Key Product Benefits

  • Connect All Channels

    Social media isn’t just about marketing. It’s about customer service. Deliver a simple, personalized experience in real-time with social customer service software built to scale. Connect all digital channels in one seamless workflow.

  • Build Relationships

    Engage with customers on their preferred channel to increase first contact resolution and create human connections at scale with Integrated customer profiles.

  • Scale Effortlessly

    Effortlessly scale service operations with technology that enables large teams to effectively work together in a seamless, organic way. 

Connect all channels

Use Case #1 – Routing

When a customer requests support on one of your social channels, the interaction is automatically routed to the agent best suited to answer. The agent can view previous interaction history as well as notes from other agents. The integrated Knowledge Base gives finger-tip access to recommended responses.


Use Case #2 - Tagging

Auto tag common customer service topics like “outage” or “cancel” to automatically route and suggest action to agents. Replies based on recent activity or keywords are suggested by Brand Embassy. Customize and publish to move quickly through the queue.


Use Case #3 - Measure

Insight reports help managers understand trending conversations about your company, competitors and any keywords you choose to monitor. See which topics are most discussed across social media, including competitor profiles. Measure and analyze customer sentiment overtime to identify areas of improvement with each interaction. Benchmark brand and competitor mentions to understand your share of voice on social media and measure the impact of social customer service.




Expert teams - Create expert teams responsible for certain topics or groups of customers, and adjust routing in real-time to ensure that the agents with the best fit are interacting with customers.

Roles & permissions - Determine the exact structure of your service team by defining roles & permissions around topic and channel, post pre-approvals, and publishing rights.

Approval processes - Seek or require approval from team leaders before responding. Great for sensitive topics and new users.



Customer history - All customer data and interactions are stored in Brand Embassy's built-in CRM, enabling at-a-glance personalization of responses.

Social influence - A customer’s online reach (influence) may impact the tone and content of an agent’s interactions.Identifying these influencers within Brand Embassy helps agents personalize responses.

Omnichannel viewConnect customer activities across social networks into one record. Add CRM notes and enhance customer profiles with each interaction.



Auto-tags - Auto-tag common customer service topics like “outage” or “cancel” to automatically route and suggest action to agents.

Smart ResponsesReplies based on recent activity or keywords are suggested by Brand Embassy. Customize and publish to move quickly through the queue.

NavigationConversations grow organically on social media. Navigation automatically guides agents through a complex customer service ticket with real time updates to speed along and organize the process.


Explore our Reporting & Custom Dashboards suite

Learn how to optimize your contact center and improve Agent performance, via:

  • Real time Overviews - at-a-glance performance 
  • Customizable Dashboards - fully customizable dashboards
  • Control & Efficiency - update routing in real time
  • Management Reports - one-click reporting

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I have worked with several CRM and software solutions before, and Brand Embassy works better, faster and for real.

Andres Mazzei

Sellbytel, Spain

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"Brand Embassy helps us primarily by raising the effectiveness of our team and our online specialists taking care of social media and discussion forums.”

Ivo Marecek

Social Media Guy
T-Mobile, Czech Republic

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The Brand Embassy team are a perfect corporate fit, we love their friendly approach and flexibility in helping us achieve our goals.“

Jarda Neubauer

Contact Center Supervisor
o2 Telefonica, Czech Republic

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