Video Chat & Co-browsing

Real-time connections with real people

Boost your conversion rate and increase revenue through service to sales by showing your customers what to do.

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82% of customers will abandon a company's website due to poor customer service.

Video chat and co-browsing increase retention through improved customer service.

Boost Conversion Rate and
Average Order Value

Video interaction and co-browsing raise conversions 138% compared to standard live chat. That means increasing revenues through service to sales.

Improve Customer

Customers don’t want to wait on hold or respond to emails. They’ll appreciate the convenience of video chat and co-browsing.

Build Trust and
Customer Loyalty

Customers want to talk to humans because they trust humans. Video communication converts 56% more than simple web chat.

Increase Customer
Service Efficiency

A two-minute face-to-face talk or co-browsing session is more efficient than 15 minutes of text chatting. Faster, clearer solutions means increased agent efficiency.

Sometimes your clients might get lost on your website or they simply need assistance finding what they are looking for. The agent chatting with the customer can suggest co-browsing to speed up the process and make it easier.

Hello Marc, no worries. I am sure we can find it. Here is the link to co-browse so I can show you where the invoice is. Hi, I got a message that my invoice is due tomorrow but I just can't find it anywhere in the system. Start

Your website visits are growing, but with no increase in revenues or average order value.

Investing in a new website can be expensive and complicated.

Instead, use video chat and co-browsing for sales agents, along with proactive pop-ups on high value products and check-out pages to boost revenues.


When you have a new user or a customer, it's crucial to onboard them quickly, so they can enjoy your product or system as soon as possible. Your advisory team can ensure that with video chat.

An advisor can, for example, mark on page important parts and can also actively fill forms.

Hi there. I can see that you're new here. I am going to show you around, ok? The first step is to fill in your details by clicking on this button.


Agile implementation
and scaling

Our solution is seamlessly implemented into your website and apps.


Multiple agents can join the session. You can open the case with a generalist and hand over later to a skilled specialist if needed.


Agent helps to navigate through pages on your website and collaborate in filling in all the necessary information for proceeding, such as payment info.

Highlight important

To make sure the client is 100% certain where to look or click, the agent can draw or highlight any section to make things simpler.

Remote browsing

With the customer’s consent, the agent can take control of their screen and help solve complex problems or can help actively fill the forms when needed.

Switching from live chat
to co-browsing

Start instant co-browsing from live chat for faster solutions and upselling.

data & GDPR

Both video chat and co-browsing is GDPR ready and we don’t store any user data. Passwords, credit card numbers and other confidential data aren’t visible to the agent while co-browsing.

Mobile first

Video chat and Cobrowsing is available on mobile/tablets.


Agent and customer can share documents, avoiding bulky email attachments.

Thanks to co-browsing, I can instantly show our clients how to use our application whenever they need help. They can react immediately and ask questions in the context of their workflow.

Monika | Customer Service Manager
Brand Embassy

3x Higher Conversions than on standard live chat

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