Chatbot Builder: The Newest Member of Our Portfolio

We're proud to welcome another member to our Brand Embassy portfolio – Chatbot Builder. It is a fully integrated solution for the companies that want to take care of their customers 24/7. Have a bot help with the most repetitive actions and let your agents focus on what’s more important - delighting customers with fantastic service.

Companies will now be able to interact with their customers without the limitation of a finite number of agents. Beyond the hype of chatbots, there is a practical use for these assistants. They can integrate with your system to deliver/gather basic information, redirect customers to the right answer, and help introduce new products.

Why use a Chatbot?

Every company is different, but when it comes to customer service tools like chatbots, the advantages are the same. Enterprise-grade chatbots enable companies to achieve several key outcomes:

  1. Cut costs – Utilize self-service channels more effectively, reducing the monotony of the job, which leads to happier agents and less turnover.  
  2. Increase revenue – Drive new revenue through improved online conversions and expand opportunities for upselling current customers.
  3. Save time – No one likes waiting. Chatbots are always available, they’re instantaneous, and they significantly improve first response and resolution time
  4. Communicate broader (and with more humor) – Expand self-service to new channels, including mobile apps, social media, and mobile messaging. By building the messaging yourself, you have more opportunities to insert the personality of your company and interact with the customer in a memorable way.
  5. Learn more about your customers – Integrate your API into our chatbot to get and validate information about your customers. Are they asking about their invoice being paid? No problem, the chatbot can find a answer in no time.

How do I start?

To start using Brand Embassy’s Chatbot Builder, all you need is a Facebook page. Get started here. And don't worry – no technical skills needed to build your own bot. Simply connect your Facebook page and you’re ready to go! Do you already have a Facebook page that you'd like to connect? Good. Request a demo and we can start right away!

Any questions?

We're always ready to help. Just have a look here or contact your success manager.

Hope to see you on (chat)board soon!

Perks and benefits

  • International team We’re a diverse team of weird like-minded individuals from around the world.

  • Flexible work time We’re not watching the clock! Set your own work hours according to your needs.

  • Unlimited holiday Your productivity is your responsibility. Take as much time off as you like!

  • Stock option plan The company’s value increased 300% last year. You’ll have a stake.

  • Good times We like to cut loose too, often drinking champagne to celebrate successes.