Dear Telcos, Scaling Social Customer Service Isn’t Impossible

Dear Telcos,

Long time no see! Don't worry though, I know you've been busy. After all, you Telcos have 3x more social customer service demand than any other industry. I know how difficult it can be to keep up with all those customers, many of whom only get in touch when they're unhappy. Delivering responsive social customer service to millions of customers must be a real challenge! I don't blame you for being hard to reach. 

But here's the thing, Telcos, scaling social customer service isn't impossible. 

I know, you're probably thinking "what the heck does this guy know?" But I'll let you in on a little secret: if you've got the right social customer service software, taking care of your customers is much easier, no matter how many customers you have, or how disgruntled they might be. In fact, the right software can double customer engagement, and help you respond to customers more quickly and effectively, all without necessitating any more resources. 

I could talk about this all day, but since I know you're really busy keeping up with all those customers, allow me to sum it all up for you. There are three key practices that will help you streamline your social customer service at scale. Impossible? No, trust me, Telcos, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

1) Introduce Intelligent Routing

Okay, so you've got the customers and they're getting in touch. What do you do with all of those incoming queries? If I know you (and I know I do), you've got a pretty diverse team of customer care agents, all of whom have different skills, different interests, different backgrounds and even different languages. But you're not using them as effectively as you could. Knowing both your agents and your customers better gives you the chance to use intelligent routing to effectively automate agent workflows and increase engagement on social media.


Put it this way: for every customer, there is an ideal agent. If a customer gets in touch speaking Spanish, you'll want to send them to the agent who can speak Spanish. But it gets even more complex. Intelligent Routing lets you organize your care agents into teams based on whatever parameters you set. If some agents are better at Twitter than Facebook, you can connect them to customers who prefer that channel. Or perhaps you're running a new promotion. You can train a group of agents on that promotion, then route all related queries to those agents based on keywords. 

Intelligent routing streamlines the customer service process, giving you more time to take care of your customers. 

2) Add Automated Prioritization

It's true, Telcos, some things in life are better "first-come, first-served." Buffet dinners come to mind. But social customer service isn't one of those things. Not every customer query is created equal. Some customers need immediate responses, and some can (or should) wait. That's why automated prioritization is so important.


Prioritizing incoming queries based on topic, or where the customer is in the purchasing process, or how influential the customer is can increase customer satisfaction and reduce First Response Time (FRT). But don't take my word for it. You remember your old buddy Telefónica O2, the largest integrated telecommunications provider in the Czech Republic? She's seen a 70% reduction in FRT by using automated prioritization, without any increase in resources. Not bad, right?

3) Connect Marketing & Customer Service

Since you guys are the world's leading Telcos, you've definitely got top-notch marketing teams who use social media to reach out to customers. But guess what, Telcos, social media is now a primary customer service channel. It's not just for marketing anymore. Social customer service is immediate and engaging, and if you're doing it right, it can be far more efficient for care agents. But I have a feeling you might still be doing it the old-fashioned way, right? No wonder I haven't heard from you in a while. 


The right social customer service software will allow you to effectively combine social media as both a means of push communications for marketing, and inbound customer service. You can streamline operations and reduce siloing in order to deliver a seamless customer experience while scaling high volume social customer service operations. Agents can help customers with problems, and also engage and interact with the "fun stuff" for the times things do go right. And trust me, I know you guys get it right most of the time.  

Look, I know you're busybodies, buddies. That's the reason I decided to post this online rather than trying to call. The thing is, Telcos, implementing these practices only takes about a week! Even you've got time for that. 

Telcos, it's time for a change. I know that keeping up with all those customer queries is a real challenge, but if you're not using powerful software like Brand Embassy, you're not doing yourselves any favors. The three key practices I told you about are only the beginning. I'd love to tell you more about what Brand Embassy can do for you. So drop me a line!

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