Top Traits for Customer Service Agents to Succeed on Social Media

There are two things every customer service agent needs to succeed on social media: software and soft skills. Any company can provide the right technology, but it's also vital to recruit the most suitable people. 

Finding and developing the right individuals to represent your brand on social media is challenging and exciting. If done correctly, you’ll build a team who are passionate about their work, genuinely care about serving customers, and demonstrate the type of loyalty unheard of at most contact centers.

T-Mobile helped identify the top characteristics of social media agents and define the differences between working in a contact center (typically phone and email support), and a social customer service team. Some distinctions are subtle, while others will define the success of your team. What they found out is that the following nine traits are important indicators of a customer service agent's success on social media. 

1) Cosmopolitan

Someone who knows what’s going on in the world. A little bit of everything, including gaming, network trends and even political affairs.

2) Team player

Teamwork is essential for a social care agent. The community is public and interacts in real-time. Everyone needs to pull together as a team.

3) Authentic

Just as there are different types of customers, there needs to be different types of agents. Be unique, smart, individual, be you.

4) Creative

Social media has its own rulebook and agents must find the right balance between standard procedures and doing what’s best for the customer

5) Courageous

Agents must have the confidence to engage with customers in real-time, on a public forum, with everyone watching.

6) Patient

Agents must take the necessary time for each customer. The aim is to resolve and build a relationship, not force customers to disengage.

7) Resourceful

Even if a customer asks for something beyond your control (ie., a broken printer) take a look at forums or just ask Google. It’s about finding a solution together.

8) Empathetic

This core characteristic is evident in digital communication and the dedication an agent shows to connecting with and helping customers.

9) Respectful

Agents must never forget they are writing to a customer and must always demonstrate mutual respect and restraint from negative reactions.

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