What the WhatsApp Business Solution Means for Your Brand

It's been a year of buzz in anticipation of the WhatsApp business solution unveiling.  And after mounting demand, it's finally here.  With the highest rate of user adoption and growth compared to any other app, WhatsApp boasts 1.5 billion active users.  Naturally, this does not render other messaging apps obsolete, but it is the outright preferred channel across several continents.  What's more, 65 billion messages are exchanged daily in WhatsApp, so once a business introduces this channel the contact center will be propelled into the digital age.

So, why should your brand join the early adopters?

Breaks down barriers

With WhatsApp's free service, your brand can reach previously untapped customers across the globe in an environment they're well acquainted with.  Gone are the days of steep roaming charges while booking a hotel abroad or high international fees dealing with an order from a foreign shop.  Customers will no longer be restricted by their geography, device, or operating system.

Be where your customers are

.Not only are traditional channels like phone and email timely for customers and agents alike, but they aren't meeting customers' ever-changing expectations.  Customers have migrated their personal lives and conversations to applications like WhatsApp, and with nine out of ten customers preferring messaging to communicate with business, brands must follow suit.  As mentioned, WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users.  For clarify of scale , that's 200 million more than Facebook messenger.  Safe to say a sizable section of your existing customers are on WhatsApp already. 

Immersive brand experience

While customers want quick, digital communication, they still crave the personal touch of a brick and mortar experience.  With WhatsApp, brands create a business profile- connecting your branch address, contacts, social media and website in one place for customer access.  You can send rich branded content like product images, videos and outbound messages to opt-in customers.  Given the app's asynchronous properties, agents can see conversation history and customers can control the pace of communication.  It's a win-win for both sides!

Secure and private

Customers are more aware of their privacy than ever before.  With recent scandals surrounding other channel's privacy and data use, WhatsApp has emerged as a transparent champion.  With two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is the de facto choice for the educated consumer. 


Interested in learning how to get started with the WhatsApp business solution? Get in touch by requesting a demo below. 



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