Why Customer Service Agents Are More Efficient on Social Media

Do customer service agents work differently on social media than on the phone? Absolutely! We've seen this with all of our clients, especially T-Mobile, who have had great success integrating Brand Embassy and evolving the way their customer service agents work.

T-Mobile’s customer service agents have experience working with both traditional service channels such as phone and email, and social media. These distinctions help shape KPIs, measure success and set expectations for both agents and management. Let's take a closer look at the key differences.

1:1 vs. 1:many

On phone and email: Isolated interactions with customers that are not connected to a community. 

With social customer service: Social service forms a community created by customers and agents.

Omnichannel experience

On phone and email: Customers must start each contact from square one and go through needless formalities.

With social customer service: Channels are integrated and agents know customer needs and interactions.

Build relationships

On phone and email: Repeat customers are not connected again with the same agents. 

With social customer service: Relationships are built over time and agents can create rapport with customers. 

Think outside the box

On phone and email: Agents must follow a specific set of rules. Going off script or process is frowned upon.

With social customer service: Agents are encouraged to find creative solutions and to think for themselves.

Different KPIs

On phone and email: Low AHT is often a key indicator of success. Brief interactions = cost-savings.

With social customer service: Continuous customer engagement is encouraged. Success takes a holistic view. 

Need more proof? Here's what some of our friends at T-Mobile have said about their new approach to customer service. 

“The difference is community. Our customers know our team members by name. Customers come back and you know their history. This is awesome for satisfaction. When needed, we take extra time to provide a targeted solution for customers.”

If you'd like to learn more, download our T-Mobile case study to find out how you too can innovate your digital customer service to increase customer retention and get a great ROI. 


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Perks and benefits

  • International team We’re a diverse team of weird like-minded individuals from around the world.

  • Flexible work time We’re not watching the clock! Set your own work hours according to your needs.

  • Unlimited holiday Your productivity is your responsibility. Take as much time off as you like!

  • Stock option plan The company’s value increased 300% last year. You’ll have a stake.

  • Good times We like to cut loose too, often drinking champagne to celebrate successes.