Why Agility Is Gold in Digital Customer Service

“Agility” is defined as the ability to move, think and react quickly and easily. It might be the single most important characteristic in digital customer service.

Agility is gold in digital customer service, and like gold, everyone wants it. On the business level and on the level of daily performance from customer service agents and contact center managers, agility is irreplaceable. And we're not just talking about fast responses, though Forrester has shown that 77% of people say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. 

Speed is important, but it's only half of agility. Gathering and using customer data efficiently and scaling service solutions to meet changes in demand make agile brands stand out. Let’s take a look at why that’s the case.

It pays to have agile agents

One important advantage of digital customer service over traditional call centers is that theoretically technology allows agents to serve more customers more efficiently. But that’s only the case if you have software that makes it easy to adjust on the fly. Agility for digital customer service agents means being able to respond to customers with comprehensive insight in real time.

Truly agile digital customer service software uses listening technology to give agents a more complete picture of customer sentiment from around the net. It also collects and aggregates data about customers into an efficient interface, allowing agents to know more about each customer and therefore serve them more personally and more efficiently. Finally, it sends each customer query to the best agent for the job, so the customer is ensured a results-driven response that also feels like it's coming from a real person, because it is.

70% of 18-24 year olds state that brands which fail to personalize their communication will lose them as customers

The companies that have the most agile customer service will please more customers more often with service that’s results-driven and personalized, not prescriptive. And since 70% of 18-24 year olds state that brands which fail to personalize their communication will lose them as customers, that kind of agility really is gold. We have the information we need about customers, and the question is how to present that information to agents in an efficient way that lets them really make use of it. The right software is the answer.

How to make agents agile: Give them an omnichannel digital customer service solution that allows them to work efficiently and to easily provide personalized service across channels.

The agility of SaaS is good for business

Agile agents are vital for great digital customer service, but from a managerial point of view, it’s also important to use tools that help the entire call center work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Time is money and in terms of speed and cost, there’s nothing more agile than SaaS. 

The savings you see when using SaaS begin on day one because there’s no on-premises installation. Major updates typically occur two to four times a year, with the timing agreed in advance. In addition, SaaS vendors tend to involve customers in software development, which helps them deliver agile and flexible software that responds to the contact center's needs. This also leads to long-term savings because maintenance is virtually non-existent. Perhaps most importantly, SaaS solutions allow contact centers to quickly scale their service up and down as needed, both over the course of the day and the week, and in the long term.

Legacy contact center technology tends to be clunky, inflexible and difficult to work with. SaaS solutions take advantage of all the latest technological advancements and transform that power into contact center agility that will save you money on installation and maintanence and make you more money from more engaged customers.

How to make management agile: SaaS digital customer service solutions are the most agile option, saving money and labor in the long term, with results and savings that are measurable immediately.

The thing is, agility doesn’t happen by itself. Companies need the right digital customer service solution so they can stop on a dime and make changes in real time, scaling up and down with size and customer demand and providing service that's powered by humans aided by technology. How do up your digital customer service game and become as agile as an athlete? With powerful software that's easy to implement. Brand Embassy was built to give you near-instant agility, with a very simple set-up, constant support from us, and measurable results. 



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