Inspired Social CRM Tools from Brand Embassy

Become the queen bee of customer relations with Brand Embassy’s intuitive social CRM software. Managing customer satisfaction has never been easier or more efficient thanks to our social hive — a unified CRM dashboard that makes customer relations as smooth as honey. Discover how our hive can keep your team buzzing and your customers happy today.

Brand Embassy’s social CRM platform seamlessly integrates your customer’s feedback from social media and other digital channels into one unified and fully-responsive platform. What’s more, we take the guess-work out of in-bound and out-bound communication analytics so you can concentrate on delivering first class customer service.


The Sweetest Social CRM Tools from Brand Embassy

Customer relations management has never been sweeter thanks to Brand Embassy’s intuitive social media CRM tools. When you open up the hive, you’ll have all of your customer’s comments at your fingertips. The best part is, our tool displays all of your incoming communications in the same color-coated, readable format whether they’re from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, a discussion forum, blog or email. We save you the hassle of visiting each of your company’s pages individually so you can concentrate on unifying your brand image. Click on a message and we’ll fly you directly to the source when you want to get the whole story.

With our social CRM software, it’s simple to build up personal relationships between agents and customers. Keep track of influential customers and match them with your best bee to start a wave of positive sentiment. You can also send personal messages or respond to a customer’s concerns via a social platform. Plus, you’ll save time answering frequently asked questions by sending automated responses. With Brand Embassy’s beautifully designed hive, you’ll enjoy the streamlined communication necessary for building a harmonious brand.


Integrated CRM

Provide more personal and relevant customer
care by knowing your customers better.

  • Every customer is a relationship

    Build that relationship by looking at the complete communication history such as topics discussed, sentiment and customer's followers.

  • Export and integrate for more love

    Filter your data into more segmented user groups and integrate with other CRM systems for fine-tuned customer relationships.

Intuitive Social CRM Tools Designed by Brand Embassy’s Top Honeybees

Without any bells or whistles, our hive unifies social media and digital communication with powerful analytic tools into a single dashboard. Inspired by the faultless design of honeycomb, our hive gets your team working together to meet your customer’s needs. Thanks to our intuitive social CRM tool, you can build a trusted brand based on a superior customer relations platform – all with unprecedented efficiency and ease.

Achievements of our clients

    • 70%

      Reduction of
      response time

    • 90%

      Customers were
      happy with support

    “Brand Embassy connects all our social channels into one space with efficient team collaboration and good workflow for providing fast answers. Flexibility with customization is also a great benefit.”

    Dusan Simonovic

    Dusan Simonovic Social Media Specialist

    • 100%


    • +60%

      Resolution time

    “I realised that the CRM and notes helped us improve response time by moving us closer to the solution. The main benefit of Brand Embassy is a user friendly reporting tool which makes it very easy for me to monitor customer satisfaction.”

    Vojin Jaukovic

    Vojin Jaukovic Contact Centre Director

    • 3x

      More customers
      with positive emotions

    “We use Brand Embassy to monitor the company's reputation and identify the topics that people are talking about. The call centre then uses the same tool respond to customers on social media.”

    Romana Nydrle

    Romana Nydrle Head of Communication

Find out what the buzz is about in our hive and never miss a chance to keep a customer satisfied again.

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