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Thanks to Brand Embassy we have everything in one system. From customer responses to our own notes and statistics, therefore we have more time to take care of our customers.

Ondrej Ullmann, Social Networks Specialist

What is it like to use Brand Embassy?

  • With

    In a Brand Embassy hive, incoming posts come into one unified view from across social media, discussions, e-mails and other digital customer service channels. No mess, no clutter...


    Managing so many channels individually is time consuming. Just too many customers are falling through the cracks...

  • With

    In Brand Embassy, every message is automatically tagged and given a status. You can also add sentiment.


    Customer Service Reps have to read each message and decide on the next steps. Sooo slow.

  • With

    In a Brand Embassy hive, only one customer service agent works on a message at a time. Better resource management.


    Customer service representatives duplicating efforts are worse than ineffective. This is also confusing and causes team friction.

  • With

    Answering to a repetitive inquiries is a piece of cake with the select » customize » publish pre-defined answers functionality.


    Writing the same answers all over again makes Customer Service agents crazy and drags performance down.

  • With

    With Brand Embassy, you click with the customer instantly by knowing about their previous experiences and conversations.


    Cookie-cutter treatment of social customers results in a negative brand experience, less satisfied customers, and lost opportunities.

  • With

    Customer responded back? The conversation is automatically routed to the same agent so you build up on existing relationship. Sweet, personal and friendly.


    One inquiry handled by many agents causes confusion. No relationship, no friendship, just lost opportunities.

  • With

    Problems are solved faster in the Brand Embassy hive. Both customer service agent and customer are happy about the experience.


    Issues are finally resolved but bee is exhausted and the customer has vanished without a trace.

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Key benefits

1. Smarter hive Unify all digital service channels into one beautiful platform.
2. Efficient bees Serve more people better without adding customer service agents.
3. Sweeter honey Provide customer service which is both personal and public.
4. Honey Lab Get actionable insights into customer behavior and desires.
5. Planning for the future Use predictive intelligence to anticipate future workforce optimization needs.

100+ Enteprise Clients, 100m Happy Consumers

  • Ivo Marecek


    Brand Embassy helps us primarily by raising the effectiveness of our team and our online specialists taking care of social media and discussion forums.”

    Ivo Marecek Social Media Guy at T-Mobile

  • Dusan Simonovic


    Brand Embassy connects all our social channels into one space with efficient team collaboration and good workflow for providing fast answers. Flexibility with customization is also a great benefit.”

    Dusan Simonovic Online Marketing Specialist, O2 CZ

  • Romana Nydrle

    Metro CC CZ

    We use Brand Embassy to monitor the company's reputation and identify the topics that people are talking about. The call centre then uses the same tool respond to customers on social media.”

    Romana Nydrle Head of Communication, Metro CC CZ

  • Vojin Jaukovic

    Serbia Broadband

    Brand Embassy is a user friendly reporting tool which makes it very easy for me to monitor customer satisfaction.”

    Vojin Jaukovic Contact Centre Director at Serbia Broadband

“Make customer service your sweet spot.”

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