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Social Bee on November 26, 2012

Brand Embassy acquires semantic technology company Beepl

In a move that will rapidly expand its unique technology platform, Brand Embassy, the London-based social care platform provider, has announced it is acquiring Beepl for an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 2011, Beepl lets users seek answers and opinions from subject specialists, enthusiasts and their social connections. The tech-startup developed a special semantic analysis enabling it to “understand” the meaning of words, and put them into context. The company raised a ‘six figure’ seed round led by Credo Ventures, the Prague-based VC fund. The London-based company was co-founded by Steve O'Hear, Jan Paricka and Pete Harris.

Brand Embassy is a customer care platform that helps companies to identify and easily engage with dissatisfied customers across social media. Organisations that use Brand Embassy have experienced an 80% reduction in response time and 70% reduction in negative sentiment across all social media channels. Beepl will add to Brand Embassy’s existing platform by integrating the ability to derive real ‘meaning’ from online conversations, via its semantic analysis.

“We are excited about the expanded capabilities Beepl will bring to Brand Embassy. By integrating the Beepl technology we will become the first product on the market, anywhere in the world, with automated tagging, assigning and behavioral learning based on the meaning of customer comments from across the entire social web” says Vit Horky, co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy.

“We believe the Beepl technology is changing the way people search for answers on the web. The integration with Brand Embassy means we can better help brands to communicate with their customers, and that is a very exciting proposition.” says Ondrej Bartos, Partner with Credo Ventures and Beepl’s member of the board.

Brand Embassy is a next-level customer care platform. It helps companies to identify and easily engage dissatisfied customers across social media. Clients have encountered an 80% reduction of response time, 70% reduction in negative sentiment, and 100% social care coverage across all social media platforms. Brand Embassy has been chosen by Vodafone, Telefonica O2, AVG, Diageo, Johnson & Johnson and other customer-empowering market leaders. Brand Embassy was a global TOP 20 finalist of the UKTI Entrepreneurs Festival and MiniSeedcamp Prague. The company is backed by StartupYard and TechSquare accelerators and is an elected member of the Global Entrepreneur Programme by UKTI.

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