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Stephan Delbos on December 5, 2016

How Smart Monitoring Gives Brands a Competitive Edge

According to Henry Ford, "Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs." Wise, timeless words from a man who understood both the challenges and rewards of topping competitors. 

Today, with more companies competing on the basis of customer experience than cost, beating the competition means inspiring more customers. In order to know how your customers are feeling, you've got to listen to them. That's why advanced business analytics software like Brand Embassy is so important. Check the stats:

  • Companies using analytics software are 5x more likely to make faster decisions.
  • Yet, 64% of business decision-makers who use such technology have difficulty getting answers from their dashboard metrics. 

That's eye-opening, isn't it? Even if you're already using analytics to improve business, chances are you find it difficult and confusing. It's clear that analytics helps brands gain Business Intelligence and get a competitive edge through smart monitoring of the market and competitors. But you can't take advantage of your software if it isn't intuitive, clear and easy to use. 

Brand Embassy's social customer service software, the most trusted on the market, includes listening technology that monitors over 80 million forums and blogs in 27 languages. Just as importantly, it uses auto-tagging and prioritization to deliver only the most relevant content to the right teams. It's knowledge you can use, which is the definition of Business Intelligence. 

Beating the competition requires getting the best data in the simplest, most efficient form possible. In social customer service, there are four tools to get more data about your customers and your competition through smart monitoring:

4 tools for smart monitoring

Advanced CRM

Brand Embassy's advanced CRM tells customer care agents more about each customer, which helps them create relationships that develop over time. The technology allows companies to take advantage of all the data they have about customers, to serve them better. 

When agents look at a customer query via advanced CRM software, they see the history of the customer's interactions with the brand so they're better able to know who the customer is and what kind of response they need. Integrated customer profiles help agents offer unforgettable experiences that are relevant to each customer. This increases first contact resolution (FCR), and creates human connections at scale.

Use case: When a customer gets in touch, their profile includes information about where they're from, their language, topics of previous queries and other info from social media. Based on this, the customer is routed to the best agent, who has information they can use to make a personal connection. Agents serve the customer, not the script. 

Social Listening

Social listening technology lets you see which topics are most discussed across social media, including competitor profiles. The right social listening tool provides a breakdown of customer requests and mentions, so you can better understand trends. That way you can track share of voice across forums, blogs and social networks and benchmark against the competition.

Getting an edge on competition means knowing more than them. Adding competitor brand names as keywords to your listening tool, you can run weekly or monthly reports to measure volume of mentions. Knowing how your competition is discussed on forums and blogs can help you improve you own communication strategy. And, by listening to the continuous conversation happening around your industry and brand, you can spot important trends before your competitors do.

Use case: Using social listening, agents and managers notice that customers are complaining about long delays when waiting for a response from a competitor. Agents can proactively contact these customers and offer their assistance, gaining new customers. 

Sentiment Tracking

Sentiment tracking allows you to measure and analyze customer sentiment over time to identify areas of improvement with each interaction. Turning qualitative data (words to describe something) into quantitative data (keyword volumes) is a powerful way to understand the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Sentiment analysis paired with keyword topic analysis clarifies the meaning behind the clicks.

Looking at the relationship between sentiment and campaign keywords will give you a better idea of how customers interpret your campaigns. Brand Embassy combines social data with forums and blog data to present a complete picture.

Use case: A contact center sees that customers are complaining about their unfriendly tone of voice, and respond by making changes to their communication guidelines. 

Competitor Analysis

Insight reports help managers understand trending conversations about the company, competitors and keywords you choose to monitor. That way you can benchmark brand and competitor mentions to understand your share of voice on social media and measure the impact of social customer service.

Our social listening tool is used by customer service agents to provide proactive care to customers on the verge of switching brands; marketing managers to evaluate campaign sentiment; and PR managers to identify industry trends. Knowing more about your competitors gives you the kind of advantage that could make you the next Henry Ford. 

Use case: Using keyword-based monitoring, the contact center can keep tabs on the conversation around relevant topics like "hotels" or "coffee grinders," depending on their product. Then they target campaigns and communication to these customers' needs. 

A competitive advantage is just one of the benefits of using Brand Embassy for social customer service. We'd love to show you everything else our software can do to improve your business. Visit our website to learn more, or request a demo to get started today.  

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