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The New Industry Standard – 5 Rules of Efficient Social Care

Vit Horky - 17 OCTOBER 2012
The New Industry Standard – 5 Rules of Efficient Social Care

We all understand today that companies should respond to their dissatisfied or asking customers even on social media. However, most of them do it wrong. Here's the new gold standard of Social Media Customer Service - The 5 Rules of Efficient Social Care...

Our clients often ask us: “How should we start with Social Care?”, “Which best practices should we consider when implementing social media customer care within our company?”. Of course, there is no single best practice. No 10 magic tricks to ease the pain of any of your dissatisfied customers on your Facebook Page, and certainly no golden standards to please all of your customers. Although in fact, there is something, that will help your company to be the best performing in Social care.

By consulting tens of large international corporates as well as some really innovative small businesses we collected tons of feedback on their current Social care practices. And because Brand Embassy takes care of their clients the same way our clients take care of theirs, we want to share it with you. Here’s the new gold standard of Social Media Customer Service – read and apply The 5 Rules of Efficient Social Care.

#1: 1/24 Rule

Respond within 1 hour to the customer to show you care and show others that you are listening, then solve the problem within 24 hours. Be available during at least 9am – 6pm and focus on being available when most of your customers are engaging you.

#2: Don’t Sell

Don’t use selling tactics when providing customer care to avoid loss of credibility in social media communication.

#3: Have Your Guru

Have a dedicated person for social care with holistic knowledge in the product and the company, with skills for efficient customer service, customer-centric approach and with a direct contact to product, marketing and PR departments.

#4: Be Where Your Customers Are

Monitor and respond on your official Facebook page and Twitter channels, but also on unofficial sources or discussion forums and blogs. The best place for providing customer service is the place a customer is.

#5: Be Friendly

The obvious is often forgotten. Show you listen, admit your mistakes, avoid corporate jargon and playing just “by the book”. You’re here to help.

Do you have any experience supporting these 5 rules?

Or you have more to share with us? We are looking forward to hear from you in the comments below! And don’t forget – Brand Embassy is the Social Care platform, that helps companies like O2, Diageo and others to take care of their customers. It can help you as well – signup for 14-day free trial now.

We care.

Vit Horky
Managing Director at Brand Embassy Ltd.
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