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    We love
    what we do

    We create a fun, positive atmosphere because we love what we do and have fun doing it. We are driven to create beautiful things.

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    We play

    We believe in the power of transparency and are free to act on our own best judgement. Our everyday actions speak just as loud as our words.

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    We learn
    every day

    We are inspired by others and seek knowledge from many sources. We do not shy away from taking risks and learning new things.

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    We are

    We are not divided by titles, departments or seniority. We act as one team and actively support each other both personally and professionally.

We make work pretty cool and are happy to offer our team the following perks and benefits.

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    Flexible work time

    We’re not watching the clock! Set your own work hours according to your needs.

  • perk--02.png

    Stock Option Plan

    The company’s value increased 300% last year. You’ll have a stake.

  • perk--03.png

    International team

    We’re a diverse team of like-minded individuals from around the world.

  • perk--04.png

    Unlimited holidays

    Your productivity is your responsibility. Take as much time off as you like!

  • perk--05.png

    Good times

    We like to cut loose too, often drinking champagne to celebrate successes.

Our Team Members said

  • "A great environment. We're like a big happy family."

    Shailany, Marketing

  • "Being at BE isn't just a job, it's also an adventure."

    David, Development

  • "Here, I'm making the future of customer care today."

    Danca, Client Services

  • "Here people know how to drink bubbly and celebrate!"

    Ondra, Business Development

  • "A group of like-minded individuals working as a team"

    Angela, Customer Success

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kristyna-horka.jpg Kristyna Horka Talent Manager