First of all… what is a Chatbot?

A Chatbot is a messaging assistant designed to respond automatically to your customers. It works as a conversation within Facebook Messenger and is a great way to send content and engage with your audience or answer simple and repetitive questions.

Where does the Chatbot take place?

Once LIVE on your Facebook Page, the Chatbot is integrated within the “Messages” of your page. This means your bot is allowed (or not) to interact with and answer people that contact you through the private “Messages” feature of your Facebook Page, or through the Messenger App. You can view all the conversations directly in your Facebook account. This also means that no one needs to download an app and messages are sent directly to your customers as notifications.

What are the requirements for building a Chatbot?

Since your chatbot will help you handle the conversation on your Facebook business page you'll need to have a Facebook page (actually you just need to be an admin). If you do not have a page, you may create one for this purpose. It's a really short process, and takes no more than two minutes. (Start here: http://bit.ly/1K260A8).

Is there any Artificial intelligence in my Chatbot?

We offer so called Autoresponders (which is the first baby step toward AI) that can detect the keywords used by your customers and offer an answer that corresponds with the inquiry. The advantage is that you can (even in a very simple way right now) set up your chatbot to understand the language of your customers.

What if I already have a chatbot?

First of all, think about using ours :) In any case, an external chatbot can be used within our Brand Embassy platform to enable the existence of both – the BE platform and an external chatbot on a specific channel. We can then ensure that when your chatbot is chatting with a customer, the conversation will not be assigned to an agent, and vice versa. And when the conversation is handed over from the chatbot to an agent, he or she will see the history written by the chatbot. However, a third party's chatbot must be able to react to the trigger words that the BE platform uses, to prevent the conversation being assigned to a chatbot and an Agent at the same time.

If the scenarios are more complex, the integration would be based on using an HTTP endpoint which needs to be accessible on the chatbot’s side, so the BE platform can obtain the desired state (handover to an agent or not).

How about the visibility of chats between customers and the chatbot? Can agents view conversations that are happening between the chatbot and customers before being escalated to them?

Currently, the routing is possible only in our main BE platform. can be done using Channels, Tags and Custom fields. There will be a queuing mechanism for existing social care agents before starting with chatbot handling requests. The intelligent workflow logic will be the same as for any other inbound posts within the BE platform. Once the chatbot sends a request for an agent's help through the BE platform, the first free agent will receive this handover request in his or her Inbox right after the action is performed. If all agents are busy, the request will stay in the queue until the first agent is available to take over this request via human interaction. Routing customers to agents by some predefined criteria from the chatbot will be possible later when we introduce the “Handover to an Agent with specific criteria” functionality in our Chatbot Builder.

Huh, I don't know how to set up my Chatbot or am just too busy. Can you guys help me?

Our team of solution designers and engineers can definitely help you create, integrate and deploy your bot, so no worries. Just contact your success manager or let us know at sales@brandembassy.com.

Where can I find a report about the chatbot's work?

Chatbot analytics will also be available in the Brand Embassy platform. The Chatbot will be displayed as: ”System user,” containing the same performance criteria as real agents. We are working on displaying the Chatbot as a regular agent for reporting purposes and will soon create context analytics directly within the Chatbot builder.

Can the agent see the whole history of conversations between the user and the chatbot?

Yes, in the BE platform you can see the whole conversation (at the moment all as a text-based transcript, no widgets yet).

What about a chatbot for different channels, other than FB Messenger?

Good news! We are also working on introducing our Chatbot builder to more channels, namely our Live Chat and Viber.

Can the agent step in during an interaction between the chatbot and the user?

We are definitely planning on that and as soon as this feature is ready, we will announce it.

What are the benefits of using the BE in-house Chatbot Builder?

Of course, the major benefit is the integration of the Chatbot Builder within our main Brand Embassy platform. This way you can see the reports in one place, handover the Chatbot’s work to agents and vice versa, or route the conversation to a specific place in your Chatbot workflow (so called Deeplinks).

What are variables? How can I use them?

Variables can help you build a customized experience for your customers. For example, once you ask them for their address or any information you see fit, the Chatbot will memorize this data. During the chat session the Chatbot can use this data to customize the customer’s experience in a text-based email or use it within your integrated system (like storing the data in your CRM) for example:

BOT: Hello Alex, how are you today? Can we have your address?
ALEX: Awesome Street 3, New York
BOT: Great, thanks! I see that the nearest store is just a 10-minute walk. Do you need directions?

How can I integrate my system with Chatbot Builder?

It is definitely possible, but we need to know more. Please contact us and tell us about the systems you want to integrate so we can find a solution.

What is the persistent menu? Is it your feature or a Facebook feature?

Persistent menu is a Facebook feature menu with 3 choices. As much as we would like to offer you more choices, Facebook is limiting us to only 3 options. You can use it for placing a hyperlink, a redirect or a Chatbot Reset.

How can I handover a conversation between the chatbot and an agent and vice versa?

For now we are working with trigger words that transfer the client automatically to the Chatbot/Agent. For example when someone writes to the chatbot “Thanks, I would like to speak to one of your agents and your trigger words are set to speak and agent, the customer gets transferred. At the moment we are working on more handover functions such as the handover from Agent to Chatbot and explicit human takeover of the session.