Why WhatsApp is the Next Digital Customer Service Channel you Need

At Brand Embassy, we believe in listening to customers and making changes based on their feedback and behavior. That’s why we weren’t surprised when WhatsApp launched their Business Solution and that’s why we’re excited to be a Business Solution Provider, allowing Brand Embassy users to provide customer service through WhatsApp.

With more than 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp has more user adoption and growth than any other app. It’s an incredibly popular way for people to communicate, and that naturally applies to customers too.

Let’s take a closer look at why WhatsApp is the next digital customer service channel you need.

Why WhatsApp is exciting for customers

65 billion messages are exchanged on WhatsApp daily, the number of those messages concerned with customer service is on the rise. One key element about why customers want to use WhatsApp is that it’s really easy. Like incredibly simple. Most people are already using WhatsApp over the course of the day, so there’s no channel hopping when they want to contact a brand, whether that’s with a question about their bank account or data plan.

WhatsApp is also very secure. They’ve done a great job with their complete encryption and two-factor authentication, meaning more customers trust WhatsApp with their personal information in communication, something that’s important for results-driven customer service.

How to integrate WhatsApp into your business

Integrating WhatsApp into your daily digital customer service couldn’t be easier, if you’re using the right platform. What you need is an immersive digital customer service platform that allows for simple integration. Allow us to recommend Brand Embassy!

We’ve designed Brand Embassy to allow for simple integrations that don’t involve too much technical hassle. We’ll have you up and running with WhatsApp almost immediately. And connecting through our platform allows customer service agents to add the human touch that your customers need.

Using the convenience of WhatsApp with the human connections and empathy that Brand Embassy encourages will delight your customers like never before. While raising revenues from upsales and more loyal long-term customers, you’ll also save costs from more efficient customer service on a wider variety of channels.


WhatsApp use cases for digital customer service

There are as many possibilities for using WhatsApp for customer service as there are customers. Customers who have a question about their bill or their data plan, banking customers checking their balance or asking questions about their credit card, online retailers can use it for seamless purchasing and returns… the list goes on and on.

The fact is, businesses of all sizes in all sectors can take advantage of WhatsApp for digital customer service. And the more available you are for your customers on the channels they prefer, the better!

Would you like to learn more about how the Brand Embassy platform can cut costs and raise revenue for your business by helping you offer outstanding digital customer serve on WhatsApp and every other channel your customers are using? Get in touch or request a demo today!



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