Social Customer Service with Brand Embassy

Social networking is complicated, but delivering world-class social customer service doesn’t have to be. With Brand Embassy’s hive, your brand will stay happy and afloat – no matter where the social tides take you. 

Enhance your social media customer service team’s online presence with us and simply bee a better brand. Customers will love you for it. With our fully-integrated dashboard supporting your customer service team, your brand’s public image will soar.  

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What is it like to use Brand Embassy?

  • With

    In a Brand Embassy hive, incoming posts come into one unified view from across social media, discussions, e-mails and other digital customer service channels. No mess, no clutter...


    Managing so many channels individually is time consuming. Just too many customers are falling through the cracks...

  • With

    In Brand Embassy, every message is automatically tagged and given a status. You can also add sentiment.


    Customer Service Reps have to read each message and decide on the next steps. Sooo slow.

  • With

    In a Brand Embassy hive, only one customer service agent works on a message at a time. Better resource management.


    Customer service representatives duplicating efforts are worse than ineffective. This is also confusing and causes team friction.

  • With

    Answering to a repetitive inquiries is a piece of cake with the select » customize » publish pre-defined answers functionality.


    Writing the same answers all over again makes Customer Service agents crazy and drags performance down.

  • With

    With Brand Embassy, you click with the customer instantly by knowing about their previous experiences and conversations.


    Cookie-cutter treatment of social customers results in a negative brand experience, less satisfied customers, and lost opportunities.

  • With

    Customer responded back? The conversation is automatically routed to the same agent so you build up on existing relationship. Sweet, personal and friendly.


    One inquiry handled by many agents causes confusion. No relationship, no friendship, just lost opportunities.

  • With

    Problems are solved faster in the Brand Embassy hive. Both customer service agent and customer are happy about the experience.


    Issues are finally resolved but bee is exhausted and the customer has vanished without a trace.

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social customer service beehive

Enjoy social customer service with added honey from Brand Embassy

Our intuitive dashboard is making customer service and social media a breeze for brands everywhere. Thanks to the simple and streamlined design of our CRM tool, you can now engage customers talking about your brand on social media networks from one convenient location. This means you only have to log in once to receive posts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or from forums, emails and blogs.

You can save your team invaluable time by prioritizing posts for certain team members and sharing notes with each other. Respond to frequently asked questions with automated messages, or jump to the CRM tab to deliver personalized care to your most influential customers. Building the best social media and customer service team for your brand is within reach – especially with the best bees in the care biz on your side.  


Integrated CRM

Provide more personal and relevant customer
care by knowing your customers better.

  • Every customer is a relationship

    Build that relationship by looking at the complete communication history such as topics discussed, sentiment and customer's followers.

  • Export and integrate for more love

    Filter your data into more segmented user groups and integrate with other CRM systems for fine-tuned customer relationships.

Easy to use software for smooth social customer service

Thanks to our unified approach to social customer service, you can now keep track of social media and your brand’s public performance in one place. Our dashboard features three tabs that make sense of crisscrossing social media channels: Care, CRM and Analyse. Under the Care tab, you’ll find all your customers’ posts from different social networks, clearly presented in the same format for super readability; the CRM tab helps you tend to relationships individually, ensuring you don’t forget about influential customers; finally, you’ll find real time feedback about your KPIs and response times in beautiful graphs and charts in the Analyse section. Moving effortlessly between tabs puts you in full control of your social media customer service strategy – and your brand’s reputation.

Achievements of our clients

    • 70%

      Reduction of
      response time

    • 90%

      Customers were
      happy with support

    “Brand Embassy connects all our social channels into one space with efficient team collaboration and good workflow for providing fast answers. Flexibility with customization is also a great benefit.”

    Dusan Simonovic

    Dusan Simonovic Social Media Specialist

    • 100%


    • +60%

      Resolution time

    “I realised that the CRM and notes helped us improve response time by moving us closer to the solution. The main benefit of Brand Embassy is a user friendly reporting tool which makes it very easy for me to monitor customer satisfaction.”

    Vojin Jaukovic

    Vojin Jaukovic Contact Centre Director

    • 3x

      More customers
      with positive emotions

    “We use Brand Embassy to monitor the company's reputation and identify the topics that people are talking about. The call centre then uses the same tool respond to customers on social media.”

    Romana Nydrle

    Romana Nydrle Head of Communication

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